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Block paved driveway, patio rear garden, brick front garden wall with flower bed. Block paved front garden, with new step entrance to property. Block paved front garden, floor lights on auto light switch. Block paved driveway with flower bed, brick wall surrounding property. Block paved front drive with an added flower bed feature. Block paved rear garden, brick wall including steps to new lawn. Patio rear garden with patio steps leading to grass area. Block paved front garden, two houses together, happy neighbours! Block paved front garden, keeping original turf down. Block paved driveway, keeping current turf in situe. Block paved front, new wall and block paving to rear garden. Miscellaneous jobs for your viewing. Wooden decking veranda, lawn, Indian stone patio and fence to rear garden. Indian stone patio and path, lawn with picket fence and gate, fence and back gate to rear garden.